Custom Wedding Songs

Custom Wedding Songs

Honeygirl Music offers custom wedding songs by grammy-nominated writers! Fully produced and written exclusively for special brides and grooms. 

Scott Talks Gin Blossoms' New Record with R.E.M Producer, Honeygirl Too!

Scott Talks Gin Blossoms' New Record with R.E.M Producer, Honeygirl Too!

This was awesome. Scotty talks with Ed Masley, AZ Central and Arizona Republic's music writer, about his next Gin Blossoms record, soon-to-be in production with R.E.M. producers and give Honeygirl a little shout out. No, it won't be quite like Queen Bey's "Lemonade." Rather, more of an  "Orange Juice" as Scott jokes! Read the full article here.

Yes, he was the one that helped this blonde's songwriting lightbulb switch on. Why didn't I think of that?  :)

So honored to know and make music with Scotty. And hey, if we continue on the path of finalizing our first EP this year (fingers crossed), Scotty could release a pop and country album in the same year! Way cool!

xo, honeygirl 

Musicians Are Just Therapists You Can Party With

People keep asking, when's the EP coming out. It's coming, it's coming!!! I honestly thought the process would be easier - write some great songs, record them, make a CD, duh. To be honest, the Honeygirl first EP project has been the slowest and most laborious process of my life!

Normally, I move quick. I am just born moving fast. Create, strategize, act, complete. That's normally how I roll. But this, this...this 4-5 song EP has literally taken a lifetime. 

Growing up, my childhood was normal. My family was big, we lived on the outskirts of town on a six-acre farm in the middle of nowhere and no where near my friends. More than that, I think I was abnormally sensitive, cautious and maybe call me a conservative kid. My family is fairly conservative, sensitive and cautious overall, in my opinion as well. I feel today as an adult like I'm a decade behind everyone else in learning and experiences and I'm hurriedly catching up. I moved from a cautious house and life as a fairly quiet and shy person, to getting married. And continuing on as a closeted loudmouth, until I started singing. 

I started taking singing lessons when I was twenty-something. I just had to. I just had to sing. I was naturally a pretty good singer and sang karaoke a lot and impressed my friends from time-to-time. Let me tell you, when I first started, I asked my coach how long the learning process would take. He never put a timeline on it for a reason. I really wanted to be the best singer I could be and secretly hoped that I was the next Celine Dion and just needed a few lessons to refine my tone. I really wanted to sing in a band and I have a strong need to feel the music, not just hear it. 

It took years to find the right group. Granted, my unnecessary anxieties and perfectionism issues sometimes slow me down or keep great ideas idle. But mostly, I was struggling to sing others' music. And I LOVE other peoples' songs. But I really, really wanted to inspire and to connect with people. There was some material inside, dormant, but I emotionally, I couldn't reach it. 

Then I got divorced. From that desperate process of healing and going through so much trauma and heartbreak and loss of everything and fear, there was space, emotion (soo much emotion), time, ideas, new experiences, bravery. There was no other choice but to be brave in every aspect as my life had started anew. I started journaling a lot, writing songs. I met some new people, and one in particular, Scotty, who encouraged me to write my own songs. And so I did. (partly in competition as he's an actual rockstar and songwriter and I needed to up my game quick!) And it's exhilarating when inspiration hits and an entire song will be in my head and I can jot it down in like 120 seconds (though it doesn't always work like that). And it is soo empowering. So gratifying. To hear, to sing something that is real and or that's the life of the party. That I created. That people have danced and even cried to. I'll never forget the first time we sang, "Booze, Bottles and Bullshit" and the entire bar yelled, "Bullshit!" along with me. I almost cried, it was validating for me as an artist - all because people were screaming bullshit!

There's a quote out there, "Musicians are just therapists you can party with." I love it. I hope it describes Honeygirl. I hope when you come to a show or hear our music and our favorite cover songs, you can relate, have fun, forget your troubles, get emotional, remember when, or just let loose and dance. And you'll never get a fake hug from me. Promise. I hate fake hugs. 

xo, Honeygirl


The Beginning of Honeygirl

I came across one of the first interviews I did about Honeygirl a few years ago when we had first started. My employer at the time asked me some questions about our Arizona country band for the company blog and here's what was included:

How long have you been singing and what got you started?
This is the first band I’ve ever been in and these are the first songs I’ve ever written.  I started singing about five years ago, just as a hobby, to build confidence. Recently, I began dabbling in songwriting as a creative outlet and discovered I love singing my own songs. That’s really why the band exists.
What’s your favorite thing about performing live?
I’m no Kelly Clarkson, but that’s not the point for me and Honeygirl. The point is to put on a great show, have fun and get the audience singing along, as well as allow me to share some personal stories that might help or inspire others. The last time we performed, people actually got up and danced to our music. It was just a few couples but I was so proud, I got all teary-eyed while trying to sing! Watching how people react to our music and songs is so rewarding.
What’s your inspiration for writing music?
Life. My life. That’s all I can really write about at this point. There’s been a lot of good material to write about in the last four years. Overall, I hope my songs empower women — that’s my goal. Music has been healing to me and I hope it can be that way for others. I’ve gotten such great feedback from women, especially on how I am setting a great example for others to chase their dream, no matter their circumstance or age. For me, that makes it worthwhile to do something others consider scary, like sing in front of people. Amusingly, marketing myself is really what I find intimidating!
Besides working for Alliance and being so involved with Honeygirl, what do you do in your free time?
I coach my son’s soccer team — we just won the championship and had an undefeated season. I also take random classes, anything from marketing to art. I write a fashion article for a local magazine and I love to read, cook, entertain and hang out. Right now, I’m on a strict schedule to just make sure everything gets done.
Tell us one thing everyone should know about you.
I love chocolate.
What music is currently on repeat in your playlist?
“Closer” by Tegan and Sara, and anything by the group, Fun.
 Where can we find more information about Honeygirl?
All of our shows are listed on our website ( and our Facebook Page (