I did something big lately. I recorded a new song at home on my computer, after just a couple of takes and finished my latest, Time Will Tell.

Big for me, as I know hundreds of kids make amazing music on their computers everyday, But big for me as I normally obsess over perfection, stew over new music and our production, delay everything with my perfection issues, have a meltdown in the studio because I don't sound like Adele, but this story, I just needed to tell. Because the words and their meaning have been haunting me. 

I sang Time Will Tell first at our recent opening for Carter Winter at Rebel Lounge. I am so grateful for those who were at the show and reached out about this song. And thanks to those who didn't email me their feedback. Ha!  

Songwriting, is really amazing. I've found some stories that are real and raw come quick and this was no exception. And those songs that come fast, are usually my favorites too. It feels miraculous at times. And, It all works, because there's no time to second guess myself, I guess. Questioning my gut feeling or reaction, can get me into trouble. You know what I mean????

More than anything, this song, it's the real truth, what else is needed.  And the guitar, well, just genius as usual. I gave Scotty, literally two takes, that's it, and he nailed it. He knows I'm impatient and I secretly like to test him on how fast he can get it right. He's a master at recording.  

There's no looping or auto-tune or rewrites or the band. Just me and this story that kept haunting me and Scott's guitar.

This is Time Will Tell.