Wow. 2018 is already busy! Happy New Year to you!

2018 for me is about taking RISKS. Getting out of my head, out of old habits to grow and thrive. Hope to see you along this new year, new journey. 

One of those risks is this blog. I started my first blog in 2007, it was a fashion blog. It was fun, I loved it, called But there was also something false about it for me as it grew. Though I love dressing up and wearing beautiful things, I was uncomfortable with the attention I got just based on my looks. I was trying to impact women and connect with others, which at the time, was pretty radical, I thought. Now, it's the norm with millions of blogs, vlogs and influencers, and I love the growth as I thrive on connecting with others. Certainly, connecting with others has been the priority for me through my music. And I hope 2018 Honeygirl can make a bigger impact. And it certainly, we don't always have to cry together, though I'm awesome at tears. Getting together and having fun and sharing music is always one of my favorite ways to connect with others as well. 

Another reason I'm ready to blog is this: I need a real outlet to share real shit. I scroll through Facebook and social and there's so much positive, happy, fun, joy. I got that too and I love the positivity. But also, where can I find a friend to share, "I'm fucking losing it right now. What do I do?" Some things can't be worked out alone and if I keep it inside in my head, who knows how a little thought is it's gonna grow outta control. If you wanna be that friend who's kind, considerate, super honest yet positive, no matter where you are in the world, please reach out. I hope that I can be that friend to others this year as well.  

If you missed our first show of 2018, The Tribute to Bruce Springsteen on January 6 at The Rebel Lounge, totally my fault. You missed a great show! Truth, it was harder than I thought to bring Bruce to life with a Honeygirl flare and I was scared to death. But, we did it and I'm glad we did as it was awesome. Special props to newcomer Landon on the keys, killing it on the piano for "Because the Night," which is now a regular in the set as is he.